The Fun Begins

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Last night Brent and I caught a late dinner at La Condesa downtown (thank you Nana!!) Can I just say YUMMY? Anyways, about 2 cocktails in, we started tossing around painting/decorating ideas for the new house¬†and by the end of the night we had it all planned out ūüôā I thought it would be fun to jot these ideas down¬†now just to see how much they change by move in! So here goes:

Dining room

Several months back we met with our trim subcontractor and nailed down our order. One of the items they will be installing in the dinning room is a chair rail with picture frame molding underneath. Kind of like this:


The decision made last night is to paint a deep red underneath the chair rail. Another idea is to find a textured, paintable wallpaper to install inside the picture frame molding. The jury is still out on that one. Ideas welcomed and encouraged!

Guest room

When I found out I was pregnant in 2010, I had my heart set on¬†installing white wainscoting and chair railing in the nursery. And hubby was on it. Now¬†we would like to have the same thing in our guest room! We had the trim guys quote it out for us and it was triple the cost we incurred to do it ourselves…so looks like we’ll be doing it ourselves again! One weekend of manual labor = totally worth it. I also plan to paint¬†one accent wall above the chair rail. Maybe something in the red family.¬†Below is a¬†picture of our previous nursery where Brent installed this himself.¬†He nailed it. Pun intended.¬†Sadly, Charlotte only occupied this room for 6 weeks before we moved.


Master Bedroom

Stripes! My pinterest-obsessed self found some ideas but nothing that quite matches what we have in mind. I’m thinking vertical strips that are only a shade or two¬†apart from each other and¬†in the gray family. One will be a matte finish, the other will have some gloss to it. Then in the top of our tray ceiling, to add some drama¬†we’ll paint a much darker gray. For the whole master suit, I’m envisioning grays and blues. Something like this?

Ooooh, I could have a lot of fun making throw pillows like the one in this picture. This makes me smile ūüôā