Progress, Progress, Progress!

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For a few weeks there, progress seemed to be a little slow. Austin actually got some rain (GASP), so that delayed the roofers and stucco guys a little. Anyways, by the end of next week, its going to be a whole new house! This week stucco installation was completed and yesterday it was painted. Also, this week insulation was installed. Since we went a little overboard with extra sound-proofing throughout the house, most of the walls feel closed in now. This means you can’t see through them from room to room and we can now get a real sense of how each room is going to feel. Let me tell you friends, that was a really fun moment I didn’t anticipate. I thought the house would feel more closed in once walls started going up, but now it just feels more real and the rooms larger actually. Its amazing. Every new step makes me more anxious for move-in.

Next week, the stone will be installed on the exterior which will leave the exterior appearance about 90% complete. Also happening next week is dry wall installation, which means afterwards, we get to start the fun stuff like flooring, cabinets, paint, etc! The final touches!!! Progress picture coming soon. For now, I’ll leave you with this picture taken from my phone earlier this week. The stucco is no longer grey, but sage green.