A New Frame Of Mind

Wow. All I can say is…wow.

We spent what felt like years getting to the construction close date. Then we spent another couple months getting to a completed foundation. Then…two weeks later…BOOM. House.

I’m definitely a little late on this update. Excuse, holidays, excuse, not feeling well, excuse. Now that we have that over with….pictures!!

These first two were taken with my phone when framing was partially complete. I somehow didn’t make it out there with the good camera/tripod for this stage, but here you go!


The next pictures show our view from our 2nd floor, which can be seen from our master bedroom, game room, Charlotte’s room, and the 2nd story deck. At first, I strongly hesitated to post these pictures anywhere because they just don’t do it justice. On the other hand, the view is such an important part of this story. This is why we bought this piece of land. The most exciting and highly anticipated moment of this whole process so far was the day they built the stairs and we were able to catch our view for the first time. So, I will post these pictures with the following two caveats: 1 – They don’t do it justice. 2 – The lake is currently 50 feet low, so we’re just happy we can see any water at all right now. Please pray to the rain gods!!!

Christmas day was beautiful so we took the opportunity to get some good shots of the house….tripod, quality camera, and all. It had already been completely framed for a week or two at this point, but its hard to find a day to get good pictures since there are always people out there working on it. Christmas day was our best shot 🙂 The picture below is also on my House Progression page.

This picture pretty much represents where we stand today on the exterior. There is progress being made daily on the interior, but these pictures would bore you. A/C duct work is almost complete, water and gas piping has been run, and all the electrical is in progress. Basically they’re working on everything that will soon get covered by dry wall.

In my free moments, I have been spending a lot of time on Houzz and Pinterest. Now that our house exists in reality, not just on paper, I am getting beyond excited to finally move in and start decorating. I am no doubt driving Brent nuts with my flood of ideas, but he also spends his fair share of time fact-checking every step of the construction process, talking about and planning for our sound system, and doing comparison shopping on kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. The good news for us is we are running a week or two AHEAD of schedule….not what we would have predicted!

Until next time, I’ll be the one keeping Houzz and Pinterest in business 🙂

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