Building A Solid Foundation

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Literally. You wouldn’t believe the amount of fill dirt, rebar, steel, sand bags (yes, sand bags), and of course CONCRETE.

Every step of this process makes it more exciting. More real. This past week, the concrete was poured and we now have a foundation to build our house upon.

The day it was being poured we were all 3 fortunately able to make it out and stamp our hand prints in the garage. There was a brief debate around resell-ability with such a personal touch, however, we do plan to be here for a very long time, so we quickly decided to go for it.

After allowing a couple days for it to dry, we met our builder one evening who was waiting with tailgate chairs and a cooler full of drinks. It was so great to sit in what will be our dining room, sip on a beverage, and imagine what our lives will be like out there. We are beyond thrilled. Here are a couple photos of the slab.


Front view of our house


View from the back corner of the house

Next week, the framers will start doing their thing. As anyone who has lived in a developing neighborhood probably knows, this is a very fast process. Possibly as early as next weekend, our first floor will be framed. Which means we’ll catch our first glimpse of our second story view of the lake and surrounding hill country. Now that is one blog entry I can’t wait to post!