How It All Began

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As you may or may not have already read in my “About Me” page, several years back we bought a piece of land by Lake Travis. Back then, we didn’t live in Austin (my home town) but knew we wanted to get back here once we started raising a family. Lo and behold, as we are an all-or-nothing kind of couple, we moved back when our daughter, Charlotte, was 6 weeks old. Once we had our heads on straight post-move, and started getting to sleep more than 3 hours at a time, we decided it was time to get our dream house underway. One year later, we have finally broken ground, and finally feel like this is actually happening. Who knew you couldn’t just think up a house and have it magically appear? No. Many, many, many steps and decisions and hurdles present themselves before you get to where we are now.

What I hope to accomplish by starting this blog is initially to document the house construction process and all the craziness, stress, but mostly excitement that surrounds this time in our lives. After this, I want to share my experiences with transforming this house into our home. I have always enjoyed interior decorating, organizing, etc., and that is what I am most looking forward to with the new house. We are currently in a rent house and therefore, my project freedom is limited. It will have been almost 2 years by the time our house is completed and let me tell you friends, I have a LOT of pent up creativity ready :p

One other thing you must know about Brent and I is that we are total lake rats. Really, we love any kind of water…beach, lake, pool, or puddle…but we are especially in love with Lake Travis. So naturally, when land shopping, we looked as close to the water as we could afford. We’re not right on it (sure, let me pull a couple mil out of my back pocket!) but we’re close enough to have a 2nd story view and a <5 minute walk to get to the water and community boat ramp. PS – my current header picture is a shot I took from our land, but incase I’ve changed my header by the time you’re reading this, here is it again!