It Finally Feels Real

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After months of finely tuning our floor plan, countless hours of making interior selections, and weeks of waiting for building permits from the city, we are finally seeing physical proof that our house WILL exist one day! Last week we drilled for water AND found some…phew! And by we, I mean Tom Arnold the driller. (No I’m not making that up). But really, while water is very important, its still just a hole in the ground. However, this week, the foundation people started doing their thing. So far, the batter boards have been assembled. For those of you who are construction-lingo-stupid, like myself, that is the frame that goes around the foundation and as far as I understand, will remain there until the concrete is poured and dried. A couple nights ago we just had to go check out the progress, even though it was dark and slightly past Charlotte’s bed time. Below is a fun pic we took! Excuse the crap quality. This was taken with my phone.

This was in front of the highest corner of our house. The foundation height of the back left corner is essentially flush with the ground. The front right corner is 7.5 feet off the ground! I guess that’s what you get for living in the hill country! And you know what else you get from living in the hill country? Amazing views 🙂 For a full picture of the batter boards/foundation frame, taken the next day and in sun light, check out my House Progression page. Its the one labeled 10/30/2012.

Later this week they will be delivering/installing the fill dirt and next week the plumbers will install the drain pipes. Hopefully with in the next couple weeks we’ll have concrete poured and we can have drinks on our future home!