Laminate Wood Warning!!!

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I have had it. Next spring could not come soon enough. I need out of this house.

Don’t get me wrong, our rent house is great for our short-term stay. It has enough room for our family of 3, is in a great neighborhood, and is a fairly attractive home. But. I. Need. Out.

There is a long list of small to major annoyances which will (hopefully) not exist in our new house, but that is for a future post. However, right now I’m going to delve into the item at the very top of this list – the laminate flooring. It is in our living room and master and it is LOUD! If you’re wearing shoes, every single foot step is magnified 10x. And the worst of it is the dogs. I have 2 pugs and they are clingy. That has never bothered me, in fact, it is what I like about them. I love that they adore me so much to follow me around and they are wonderful cuddlers. However, when I am walking back and forth through the house, the sound of 8 dog feet (that’s FORTY dog nails!!!!!) is driving me BANANAS! The noise from the echoing wood is enough to send me to an early grave. I find myself getting annoyed with the dogs and have to constantly try to remember that it’s not them. It’s the evil laminate wood flooring. It’s kind of like this:

So – should you find yourself tempted by this flooring option (hey, you get the look without the cost!), I urge you to do your research. As I have said before, I am no expert. Perhaps the laminate wood in this house was installed incorrectly and/or was the cheapest of the cheap. On the other hand, it could also be an inherent problem with any type of laminate flooring. Just make sure you look into this issue before you pay to have it done. Had this been my house and had I known how awful it would be, I would have either paid the extra for real wood, or just tiled or carpeted these areas. Its so not worth it!!!